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From shortening the design and development cycles to providing consistent solution delivery, we demonstrate discipline and the ability to tackle tough challenges.

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Our global reach allows us to address any major challenge with high caliber worldwide expertise. With our collective strength, we challenge our limits to help customers get to market faster.

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We take pride in building meaningful relationships. Our success comes from demonstrated leadership and a commitment to turn partnerships into enduring success stories.

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A glance at our services

Semiconductor engineering R&D

Services for Custom ASIC/FPGA Design, Verification & Validation and Physical Design.

The Semiconductor services of Swedium Global provide design services and solutions in the areas of  ASIC/FGPA Design, Design Verification, UVM,  Gate Level Simulation, Emulation, Formal Verification, Physical Design, STA & Synthesis, DFT, Pre and Post Silicon Validation, AMS Verification and SystemC Modelling.

Flexible engineering R&D

Services accommodate a range of needs including ASIC/FPGA, System Design and Embedded Software.

Swedium engineering team comes with vast expertise in system software development. The team’s capabilities cut across right from creating specs, designing and implementation to independent testing for various environmental specifications.

We build complex software applications

Address your unique business requirements, with custom application development services from Swedium.

Depending on the project complexity we suggest delivery models to our customers. By outsourcing their application development activities to Swedium Global, companies benefit from higher productivity, better quality, lower costs and rapid delivery.

Swedium Global Testing Services

built on deep understanding of disruptive technologies and strong industry domain expertise.

With decade of experience in QA consulting and  software testing, Swedium has mastered a full range of QA and testing services to assist our customers with providing reliable, stable, secure, and user-friendly software. Our profound understanding of the DevOps cultureCI/CD processtest automation, and experience with Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) setup and evolution can help you not only improve QA on a project level but come up with its real transformation.

Swedium Global Consulting Services

bridge the gap between technology and resources and help customers gain more value from their project investments.

We understand the importance of right technically skilled resources for the success of customer project and that’s way precisely we focused on, building up the right mix of quality skills and putting them together with the team in the right time.

Offshore Development Center

helps you to achieve your goals in a fraction of a cost and still attain the expertise and quality.

We will assist our customer in establishing dedicated Offshore Development Centre (ODC) for their strategic project. The complete office space, infrastructure and resources will be dedicated to the client projects, The dedicated ODC is particularly advantageous to customers requiring a dedicated team in India/Poland because of the various advantages that India/Poland offers without the necessity to establish its own facility to run the projects.

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We, at Swedium Global, believe in teamwork with the quest for acquiring new competencies. This leads to continuous stress on searching, experimenting, innovating, learning and moving ahead with our sincere efforts and dedication. With each passing day, it helps in shaping the future and challenges our competencies to create new opportunities which is a never ending process in the company.