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DevSecOps Engineer

SwediumGlobal is seeking for experienced DevSecOps Engineer

If you feel excited about grabbing this onsite career opportunity, we are happy to hear from you!

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Job Description: DevSecOps Engineer


We are currently seeking a highly skilled and experienced DevSecOps Engineer. While prior experience with Microsoft Azure services is a plus, we value a solid foundation in cloud infrastructure maintenance, integration setup, and a good understanding of IT service management processes.

Your commitment to delivering exceptional support to our internal products will be crucial in this role with the below,

Key Responsibilities:

· Manage incident and problem resolution related to Azure SQL Database.

· Engage in effective communication with customers while addressing specific incidents.

· Collaborate with other support teams, including third-party vendors, when necessary, to escalate and resolve incidents.

· Keep customers informed about monitored performance issues in Azure SQL Database.

· Handle Azure SQL Database access management.

· Act on behalf of the application team to manage tasks such as,

o Migrations,

o Version Upgrades,

o Resource requirements,

o Cost Assessments & SLAs

· Assess disaster recovery strategies and solutions as needed.

· Monitoring & troubleshooting issues in Kubernetes/OpenShift clusters.

· Stay up-to-date with Azure security tools and best practices.

· Participate in incident response and security incident investigations.

· Provide support during the standard 9-to-5 CET working hours, acknowledging the potential expansion to 24/7 support and/or on call support beginning in 2025.

Required Qualification:​​

  • Having prior experience in embedded software development within the automotive sector could be highly beneficial. To enhance your suitability for this role, the following desired skills and qualifications are preferred:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Security, or a related field (or equivalent experience).

  • Good communication skills and stakeholder management experience.

  • Experience in Container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes and OpenShift.

  • Proficiency in creating operational and design documentation for the solutions you develop/build artefacts, along with the ability to write post-incident reports after addressing/troubleshooting service-related issues.

  • Familiarity with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools, such as Ansible and Terraform.

  • Competence in working with Azure-hosted databases and virtual machines.

  • Experience in utilizing Azure monitoring and logging tools.

  • Knowledge of high-availability Azure services.

  • Understanding of Networking and Cloud Infrastructure within the Azure environment.

  • Familiarity with Azure backup solutions.

  • Capability to propose/follow security best practices.

  • Experience working with Splunk as a monitoring tool is a plus.

  • Experience with security testing tools and vulnerability assessment is a plus.

Employment Type: Permanent

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Job Overview

  • Location : Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Vacancy : 1
  • Key Skills : Kubernetes, Azure, Openshift, CI/CD, Terraform, IaC, Git, Grafana, Python/Powershell