Job Description

description of job

Senior RF Power Amplifier (PA) Designer

A senior designer, with extensive experience from PA design for mmWave, preferrably in 22nm FDSOI

Background: Ericsson is seeking to engage a qualified subconsultant to fulfill the role of a RF and PA designer in a mmW project.

The subconsultant will be responsible for providing technical expertise and for taking all the design steps from schematic simulation to layout implementation.

This work includes modelling with help of extraction and EM (ElectroMagnetic) tools. Moreover, the work will also require having a supporting role in the development, testing, and validation of blocks interacting with the PA core.

And to document the design and present the progress on weekly basis and in a final report.

Scope of Work: The subconsultants responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Take on existing PA architecture and get it ready for production.
  • Evaluate and correlate measurement data on existing PA version and if needed improve parameters that are out of specification.
  • Take part in qualification discussion and analyze potential problems with lifetime and aging effects.
  • Understand concept of DPD linearization of PA and generation of simulation data to be used as input for DPD modelling.
  • Skilled in mmW layout and tools that analyses the parasitics. For example RFPro, EMX, momentum, xACT, Layout XL …..
  • Be responsible for the TRX switch at the RF output node and interact with LNA designer to optimize S11 performance.
  • Interact with the TOR (Transmitter observation receiver) design team.
  • Work in a structured way and be able to use the built in functions in the cadence design environment to present PVT data in an efficient way.
  • Be able to present the work progress every week. And in larger forums present the design and be responsible for setting up and perform a design review.


Deliverables: The subconsultant will be expected to deliver the following:


  • Responsible to deliver a schematic, layout, EM models and testbenches that in the end of the design process are ready for tape out.
  • Documentation of correlation from existing design hardware and design updates, including tradeoffs in-between KPI parameters. Be responsible for creating review material and for filling in design related checklists throughout the design process.


Timeline: The subconsultant will be engaged for a period of 6 months from the commencement of the project. The timeline for specific deliverables will be mutually agreed upon engagement.


  • Qualifications and Requirements: The subcontractor should possess the following qualifications and experience:
  • Extensive experience in RF and mixed-signal circuit design, testing, and validation within an ASIC development environment.
  • Proficiency in using and maintaining RF testing equipment, such as spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators, and oscilloscopes.
  • Strong understanding of RF and mixed-signal measurement techniques and methodologies.
  • Knowledge of regulatory standards and compliance requirements for RF emissions and signal integrity.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills specific to RF and mixed-signal circuitry.

Start: asap

Duration: 6 months

Job Overview

  • Location : Lund, Sweden
  • Vacancy : 1
  • Key Skills : RF Power Amplifier Design, 22nm FDSOI Technology, CAD Tools Proficiency (RFPro, EMX), DPD Linearization Expertise, mmW Layout Techniques, Measurement Data Analysis